Artist Statement

i am artist

I am a curator in training, a Spirit-taught artist, blogger, and dreamer at Dreams in between Spaces.

I am also the Dreamer at Dreams in between Spaces and the founder and facilitator of Awakening a Bold Love Story. 

During a difficult time in my life, the Spirit taught me that “art is the compassionate alternative to healing soul pain" and introduced me to the process of intuitive creative expression.

Through this process I learned the art of self-compassion; I understood how to listen, name, explore and ultimately express emotions, thoughts and experiences in my life, with colours, and without judgement. 

When I started to paint, it was mostly to help myself navigate through pain. But as I continued, I was rewarded by the discovery of who I really am, which led me to identify incredible dreams for my life. 


One of my dreams is to encourage people with beauty.  Dante said that beauty awakens the soul to action. I believe this wholeheartedly.

In the safe space of creative play, I facilitate others to discover the beauty in the cracks, and broken spaces of their lives. Through quiet creative evenings, I teach people to listen, name, explore and give voice to the pain and hope; the fear and faith; the expectations and the disappointments; the unresolved and the abiding realities of their hearts. 

Giving voice to yourself and to others is an act of justice. I am alive the most when I am facilitating dreamers to awaken to who they are and to boldly give voice to their dreams through creative expression. 

Artist CV



Arts Facilitator at 13 Fires Event for World Refuge Day - Winnipeg, MB 

Artist & Presenter at Art Revealing Transformation: intersection (April , 2016)


Emerging Artists’ Exhibition and Sale St. Peter’s Anglican Church, Winnipeg, MB

Art Revealing Transformation, juried exhibition sponsored by Crescent Fort Rouge United Church, Winnipeg, MB 

2011, 2012, 2014:

Awakening A Bold Love Story, multidimensional community art shows, Winnipeg, MB

2010, 2011:

Art from the Heart, Annual Art show & Sale, Winnipeg, MB 


Education & Skills Development

MA Cultural Studies: Curatorial Practices (Ongoing)
The University of Winnipeg

How to Prepare for a Submission Call by Jordan Miller
Cre8ery Gallery & Studio, Winnipeg, MB (2015)

Creative Entrepreneurship: Putting Your Arts Degree to Work Symposium
ACI Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB(2015)

Bachelor of Arts (4-Year): Major in Rhetoric, Writing, & Communications (2010-2014)
The University of Winnipeg

Community Collaborative Arts Training Program (2013-2014)
Arts & Cultural Industries (ACI) Manitoba


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  • Arts & Disability Network Manitoba
  • ACI Manitoba
  • Winnipeg Art Gallery



Fun Facts

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  • I love meeting new people
  • Some musicians/ genres I paint to: Ashanti Floyd, Lauryn Hill, IHOPKC, Bethel, Ruth Fazal 
  • August Rush made me cry
  • I am affectionately called the Brown Bear by friends





Project Planning



Critical Thoughts . . .

Why is art a powerful response to racial tensions, terrorism, abuse, mental illness, fear, oppression and the intolerance of difference in our times? 

There has been a paradigm shift! Globalization and pluralism show us that just as there are different ways of making sense, there are also different ways of communicating those realities other than through rational debate.

Indigenous cultures and social media share this thing in common: they both show us that it is through metaphor, story, dance, song, poetry and pictures that we can now get across to each other most effectively.

ArThis-is-the-moment-oft challenges us to push past just making knowledge-based head-connections with others, to making heart-connections which help us see beyond our perspectives - see where someone else is coming from - even if we don't necessarily agree with them.

Creative expression empowers those who don't normally have a voice to break the silence of abuse and oppression - to speak truth, which is the first step towards healing.

More than ever we need the arts to bridge the broken places in our personal lives and in the life of our communities. In communities where people are segregated by the cultural divide, art provides a universal language that helps us acknowledge our difference and even our commonalities.

Art is a powerful response to the oppression of terror and the tyranny of silence because it empowers ordinary people to do extraordinary acts of creative resistance.