My Values

The Creative Life

Not all of us are artists, but all of us are creative. In some, this capacity is well developed, and in others it's waiting to be awakened. The Creative Life is about living with purpose and vision, responding to life, not just rationally, but also imaginatively in the context of relationship.

It's a positive mindset that engages the negative stuff in life by dreaming of possibilities that provide creative solutions, and turns them into realty, with courageous perseverance.

It's a way of life committed to taking care of the most important part of our lives - our heart - by intentionally adopting a quieter, rest-filled, and slower paced lifestyle; learning the art of gratitude; and practicing kindness in thought, word, and action.


"Art is the compassionate alternative to alleviating pain."

I have discovered that when we are hurting art is able to comfort and heal. Creative expression provides safe and healthy ways to give voice to our painful experiences, while empowering us to dream of possibility amidst all the odds stacked up against us.

My creative practice is about encouraging people with beauty. It is about empowering people in their soul (emotional and intellectual life), so that they have the strength to take ownership of their physical lives. 


For me, external markers of success i.e. recognition, applause, and sales etc. . . do not adequately determine excellence.

Creating with an Excellent Spirit entails a commitment to continuous learning and skills development, and being ingenious with limited resources.

It is about being okay with starting small, and working hard even when recognition, applause, and financial rewards are yet to be realized. It is about not despising small beginnings, while at the same time aspiring to greater heights by never giving up on yourself or your larger than life dreams.


Without dishonouring the dedicated hard work of the artist, or the artist communities I am a part of, I want to make my art available to as many people as possible

But access to art is more than that. I believe that everyone is able to express themselves creatively at varying degrees of ability. At Dreams in between Spaces, my goal is to give people the necessary tools to access their innate creative abilities, and give voice to their creative heart.

Equity & Honour

Equity and Honour is my chief consideration when I create and price my work. While I intentionally make art to cater to people with a wide range of purchasing capacity, I am as deliberate in making sure to not undervalue my work.

Already society ascribes unhealthy attitudes towards the artist and their work, ranging from extreme romanticism to outright contempt (it's just art, it's not real work), which relates to why cultural workers are among the least paid in Canada at the moment.


There is power in having a personal vision for your life. But that power is translated into influence when one is able to dream and build together with a community of like-minded others.

For me collaboration is not about indiscriminate networking. It is about connecting with people at different levels, depending on mutual willingness and need. It is about doing life together as well as working together on short-term projects.

I invest my creative energy in building safe creative spaces, cross promoting other artists, and supporting others, including non-artist dreamers from various walks of life, achieve their dreams.


As Dante said, beauty awakens the soul to action. Not only does art inspire us with beauty, but it also questions our assumptions, expands our perspectives, and demands a response, in thought or action. There is a direct correlation between art, inspiration and social action. 

I contribute my artwork, a percentage of the revenue from my #propheticart collection to supporting other dreamers as well as grassroots organizations that are working towards social justice in Winnipeg. I also expend my skills in facilitating art shows to raise funds for these organizations, when requested.