• Life Update: my journey with Postpartum Depression 

    Its a curious thing, when you decide to write publicly about something so private as post partum depression. But the thing is there is too much silence about this prevalent issue and sometimes generating conversation about it is the only way to break down the stigma and ignorance and the

  • Catching the Creative Rhythm

    “You can’t be taught what needs to be caught,” said the preacher man. Some profound truth, which I have since carried into my life, and rediscovered this past June at my annual Sabbath Retreat at St. Benedict’s Monastery. Life with all it’s mundane and extra-ordinaries constantly change the flow or the

  • Life Update: My Journey through Post Par-tum Depression

    Part 1 I have done my best to avoid speaking about this recent journey I have been on. But I gave my gift with words to the Spirit awhile ago and therefore I know I have a responsibility to express the things He moves me to. So here goes sweet

  • Finding my rhythm again

    I know it’s been quite some time since I last wrote on my blog. Motherhood has been awesome and overwhelming . . . all at the same time.  Added to the mix, has been other mental and emotional changes and struggles that I am dealing with in this new role,

  • Bold-Awakening-2014@Shayani A. Turko

    Awaken My Heart (Re-Post)

    What a catastrophe it would be If I were to discover that I marked the beginning of me, myself, and irrevocably the end of, I. Yet, this self-congratulatory culture of being one’s own god – where one’s opinion is magically transformed by self-gratifying, self-glorifying media into fact (forget about objective

  • Finished Work: Caveat

    The title of this piece baffles me. The Latin origin of this word literally carries the meaning, “let the person beware”. I heard this title whispered by the Spirit over this artwork and I am honestly still trying to work it out. There seems to be a brilliant harvest coming

  • A Living Remembrance

    I wrote this poem a long time ago . . . I think it must be 8 or more years ago. I was overcome by the inherent irony in some of our current rituals, particularly Remembrance Day, when a person is honoured only after death. Remember me, when I am

  • Gratitude List #19

    Happiness is a treasure, I’ve longed to possess all my life. It’s absence, marring memory, makes the heart long after it harder. . . Yet the very lack, makes me also hold it ever so sacredly, when life and chance brings this welcome guest along; for what you do not

  • The Heart of an Artist (Re-post)

    (First posted on old blog on 21st July 2015) It has been a little more than a year since I decided to take the narrow path of becoming a full time artist. Reaching this decision was a difficult, scary, and lonely one. Even after making the decision and tentatively stepping

  • Gratitude List #18

    My heart sings for these things given me: a warm bed, a loving, family, a man that has chosen to grow old with me . . . A song rises and rings in anticipation of these: little hands that will soon cling to me and eyes that will gaze into mine