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Artist Statement 

During a difficult time in my life, the Spirit taught me that “art is the compassionate alternative to healing soul pain" and introduced me to the process of intuitive creative expression where I learned to express myself through oils, acrylics, and mixed media. Through this process I became aware of the art of self-compassion; I understood how to listen, name, explore and ultimately express emotions, thoughts and experiences in my life, with colours, and without judgement.

When I started to paint, it was mostly to help myself navigate through pain. But as I continue, I am rewarded with the ongoing discovery of who I really am.


One of my dreams is to encourage people with beauty. Dante said that beauty awakens the soul to action. I believe this wholeheartedly.

In the safe space of creative play, I facilitate others to discover the beauty in the cracks, and broken spaces of their lives, through quiet creative evenings, where I teach people to listen, name, explore and give voice to the pain and hope; the fear and faith; the expectations and the disappointments; the unresolved and the abiding realities of their hearts.

Giving voice to oneself and to others is an act of justice.

This is one of the main reasons why I have also taken on formal training to become a curator. The socio-politics of art is a necessary and empowering tool in making space for others’ ways of being and community engagement.

I am alive the most when I am facilitating dreamers to awaken to who they are and to boldly give voice to their dreams through creative expression.

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Blog Preview

Catching the Creative Rhythm

As an artist, it is vital to nurture the heartbeat of one’s creative practice: the rhythm between routine and rest. I had always been wary of routine so having to adjust to motherhood, which requires a steadfast commitment to routine, drained me easily.

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Gallery Feature


Sing-O-Barren-Woman (2015)

39x19.75" Oil on Canvas


Sing O Barren Woman by Shayani A. Turko

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